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The FlatLink E (Expert) is a more advanced version of our famous FlatLink winch shackle mount. The FlatLink E allows you to replace your traditional winch hook with a safer and more secure screw pin shackle, resulting in a CLOSED SYSTEM WINCHING operation. The big pear-shaped shackle mounting hole may be used to attach to the pin or bow end of standard screw pin shackles and OEM recovery points. This makes the new FlatLink E more adaptable than the current FlatLink design. Still, it also introduces the risk of a dangerous shackle side loading scenario (see illustration), especially during temporary slack. Due to the shackle pin mounting limitation, a shackle side loading situation is impossible with our basic FlatLink shackle installation. The essential FlatLink product, not the FlatLink E, is strongly recommended for recreational off-roaders. This eliminates the need for the winch operator to watch whether the shackle in the recovery tackle has moved and spun. Only the Military Specification Anodizing (Mil-A-8625 F Type III) hard anodized grey finish is offered for the FlatLink E.

Traditional winch hooks may cut and shred recovery straps, and they frequently enable strap ends to escape during regular winching recovery slack cycles. Screw pin shackles provide a secure screw pin connection that prevents strap loops from escaping. The FlatLink E is suitable for steel cables or synthetic ropes up to 3/8 inches in diameter and does not require splicing. A 5/8 inch diameter 6Al4V Titanium double shear pin and internal snap ring secure the cable eye in the FlatLink E. Installation is quick and easy. EPDM Rubber Guards protect alloy fairleads and are secured to the FlatLink E with four barbed points. The FlatLink E is intended to work with conventional 3/4 inch shackles and stows conveniently against either roller or Hawse style fairleads.


U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,388,025
Foreign Patents Pending

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