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Off-roading requires you to maintain the right air pressure for the terrain you’re traversing. The lower the air pressure in your tyres, the greater the contact patch will be, providing you with the broadest possible footprint for optimal grip on soft conditions like snow or sand. Because the tyre can mould to the terrain and grasp onto anything you’re attempting to get over, a tyre with lower tyre pressure will give far greater grip while climbing over obstacles. Additionally, reduced tyre pressure allows the sidewall to flex more on the trail, resulting in a more pleasant ride and a lesser chance of tyre damage from sharp rocks, roots, and other obstacles.

The EZ Deflator from AEV allows you to remove the valve stem core fast and safely for speedy tyre deflation. The EZ Tire Deflator is simply screwed onto the valve stem. Unscrew the valve stem core by turning the deflator knob counterclockwise. Then raise the collar to start releasing the air. To stop the airflow or check your air pressure, slide the collar back down. Remove the EZ Tire Deflator and screw the valve core back into the valve stem.

The AEV EZ Deflator was designed and tested to assure accuracy regardless of temperature, humidity, or altitude. The easy-to-read dial, which displays air pressure in 1 PSI increments from 0-60 PSI, is protected by a high-visibility yellow rubber protector. When not in use, your EZ Deflator is kept secure in a compact storage pouch.


  • Easy to read 2″ dial, showing 1 psi increments (0-60 psi)
  • Mechanical accuracy rating certified to ±2%.
  • Brass knobs with knurling
  • A braided nylon pressure hose
  • Rubber gauge protector
  • Pouch for easy storage
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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