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Actor 55 introduces a new line of Aluminum Hawse Fairleads. The 1.0 fairleads are CNC machined from a single thick American 6000-grade aluminum bar. The industry standard for proper lead thickness is.75 inches. The Hawse 1.0 fairleads are the first in the industry to work with more giant 12-inch diameter rope tube thimbles.

Because of the larger metal bar, the synthetic rope glides against a larger outer fillet radius. This decreases rope fibre stress under powerful angular pulls, allowing your synthetic rope to last longer.

The rope slot height opening has been increased to fit the more giant 12″ tube thimbles. A machined outer corner chamfer reduces rope strain for those who plan to utilize the winch as a front suspension “suck down” mechanism. A laser-etched logo and a challenging MIL-A-8625F TYPE III gun metal grey hard-anodized finish are included on these fairleads.

What is the best surface treatment for Hawse aluminum fairleads? It’s a Type III hard-anodized finish. Powder coating, Type II anodized finishes, and bare or polished metal are unsuitable. Why? Because rubbing against a dirty/gritty synthetic winch rope wears down a robust coating. Especially with solid rope fibre tensions and severe side pulls. A Mil-A-8625 Type III hard-anodized finish leaves a.002″ thick Al2O3 ceramic layer, one of the top five most complex materials on the planet (see chart under Corundum/Sapphire). It’s not that dissimilar to diamond hardness. Another essential material feature of hard-anodized coatings is their low coefficients of friction. When friction is limited, rope heat is decreased. However, hard anodizing does not offer the usual brilliant and fancy anodized colours. Factor 55 fairleads are only available in Mil-A-8625 hard grey finishes. It’s not spectacular, but it will make your synthetic rope last longer.

Overall Dimension: 12.35″ x 3.25″

Standard 10″ Bolt Mount Spacing

For synthetic winch rope only.


*NOTE- Fairleads DO NOT come with mounting hardware.

The mounting bolts provided by your winch manufacturer are often solid, and long enough.*The reason for this is that depending on the thickness of your vehicle, bumper, and fairlead attachment, the shank length of the bolts may need to be longer or shorter to avoid the bolts striking the body of your winch. Longer bolts are frequently required, and 3/8′′ Grade 5-Grade 8 bolts with a shank length of 1.25-1.5′′ are an excellent place to start. Bolts with a diameter of 7/16′′ can also be used. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions.

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