The Snorkel Kit for the JL Wrangler and Gladiator (2.0L, 3.6L, and 2.2L CRD) and most recently the 3.0L Diesel is designed to increase engine performance by drawing in the cleanest, coldest air charge possible, even in the toughest conditions. It was inspired by heavy-duty industrial and military uses across the world. An AEV Snorkel is one of the most critical improvements you can make if you’re serious about off-roading.

AEV Snorkel systems are rigorously tested, both in controlled situations and in real-world scenarios, to determine their strength and endurance. Unlike almost every other aftermarket manufacturer, AEV makes these Snorkel systems out of OE-quality, UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene that provides improved longevity and performance and is tested to severe hot/cold temperatures to assure thermal stability. The AEV Snorkel is a lightweight but exceptionally robust air filter that fits directly into the OEM airbox and requires no extra under-hood changes. For a polished, professional look, a template for cutting the hood is supplied, as well as an application-specific trim bezel.

The Snorkel by JL/Gladiator was created with two different mounting options in mind. The Snorkel should be mounted using the provided standard mounting bracket, according to AEV. For off-road use, this mounting configuration will be the strongest and most lasting. Customers who want to keep the ability to fold down the windshield on their Wrangler or Gladiator can choose an optional A-Pillar Mount. This bracket attaches to your Jeep’s A-Pillar rather than the windshield frame, allowing the windshield to travel up and down freely.

The JL/Gladiator Snorkel is ordered according to your OE fender flare style – either the High Flare or the Low Flare. If you’re not sure which fender flare you have, use the image below to guide you. A standard Air Ram intake is included in every Snorkel kit. Customers that live or travel in harsh conditions (high dust, sand, or silt) can consider the self-cleaning Sy-Klone Pre-Filter as an alternative.

Please note: This Snorkel System is NOT compatible with Mojave Gladiator (gas or diesel).    Optional a-pillar mount not compatible with 3.0L diesel.    Snorkel is not recommended for one touch power top option.

3.0L Eco Diesel now comes standard with the Sy-klone prefilter because the normal air scoop was throwing check engine lights fot too much airflow.

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Snorkel kit

2.0L, 3.6L, 2.2L Standard Flare, 2.0L, 3.6L, 2.2L High Flare, 3.0L EcoDiesel High Flare


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