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Customers who own an AEV 4.5′′ DualSport SC/RS Suspension System can upgrade to AEV’s 4.5′′ High Capacity Coil Springs. These frequency-tuned, progressive rate coil springs were designed with the overlander in mind, and give the greater load-carrying capability required for fully laden cars while still providing outstanding ride quality, handling, and off-road articulation.

To maintain optimal vehicle handling dynamics, these coil springs are only available as a matched pair of front and rear springs. The rate/frequency of front coil springs vs. rear coil springs is an important factor in safe vehicle handling. As a result, over the whole spectrum of rear-biased loading, AEV raises the rate/frequency of the front springs in order to maintain an adequate connection with the rear springs.

While these coil springs are built for heavily loaded cars, exceeding the GVWR and RGAWR (Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating) can affect the vehicle’s braking, steering, and general handling performance.

These springs are not intended to provide additional lift height on cars that are not loaded. When these springs are installed on an unloaded JK Wrangler, the front end will sit 3/4′′ higher than the conventional 4.5′′ spring, and the rear end will sit 1′′ higher than the front.

Vehicles fitted with AEV High Capacity Coil Springs will have a much firmer ride feel when driven and unloaded due to the intrinsic nature of a heavy-duty coil spring. However, if the vehicle’s weight is increased, the ride quality will significantly improve. This is something to think about before purchasing these coil springs.

Customers with an AEV 3.5′′ DualSport SC/RS Suspension System on their JK Wrangler may update to our 4.5′′ High Capacity Coil Springs by ordering our 4.5′′ Bump Stop Kit as well. Contact us for more information.

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