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Understanding the shortcomings and limitations of the OEM suspension package was AEV’s first step in designing the expedition-ready DualSport RT Suspension System for the Jeep Gladiator. The factory suspension on the Gladiator (particularly on Rubicon) is extremely soft, lightly damped, and has a low suspension frequency. This “soft tuning” allows the Gladiator to move “less like a truck” and absorb highway bumps more effectively, but it can also make the handling seem a little loose and uncontrollable. This isn’t a significant concern for folks who just drive their Gladiator to and from work every day, but it’s not the best suspension setup for overlanders who have a lot of goods and supplies to transport when travelling off the grid.

The Gladiator system, like all of AEV’s expedition-ready suspension systems, required coil spring and shock tuning to achieve the ideal blend of load-bearing capability and ride quality that consumers have come to expect from AEV. The 2.5″ Dual Sport RT Suspension System adds 2.5″ to the front and rear ride height with a pair of our frequency-tuned, triple-rate coil springs. For a little sportier and more controlled feel, they are combined with a set of AEV-tuned 46mm Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers. The AEV/Bilstein coil spring and shock combo employed in this suspension not only boosts up and down travel, but also improves articulation, off-road speed potential, and bottoming control. The suspension feels sturdy, grounded, and confident even when towing.

We then tightened up the handling and road feel of the Gladiator’s front and rear suspension geometry over the whole range of motion, resulting in a terrific ride and performance without adding harshness or driver fatigue. For enhanced ride quality and less nose-dive under harsh braking, a pair of AEV’s high duty, stamped control arm geometry adjustment brackets are provided in the front. To increase the rear roll centre, minimize body roll, and improve turn-in response, a rear track bar tower extension is provided. New front and rear bump stop spacers increase bumper/axle contact under full articulation and jounces, while longer front and rear sway bar end links compensate for the extra lift height. The OE track bars, control arms, and steering components do not need to be replaced because of the reduced lift height of this suspension system.

Proudly made in the USA and features AEV’s Lifetime Warranty.

Maximum recommended tire sizes*

• Sport/Overland (North America): 35×12.50R17

• Rubicon (North America): 37×12.50R17

• Sport/Overland/Rubicon (Export): 35×12.50R17

* All maximum tire size recommendations are derived from AEV’s product development process using AEV wheels and BFGoodrich tires. AEV products are carefully planned, developed, and tested to function along with other AEV products. At full jounce or full lock, mixing aftermarket or factory components with AEV components may create interference/tire rubbing.

Note: This suspension and spring/shock tune were created for the Gladiator with a gas engine. For diesel engine vehicles, see the alternative kit.

Mojave models are not compatible with this suspension.

Additional information

JT 2.5" Bilstein Shocks Gas

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 8 × 7 in

JT 2.5" Springs Gas

Weight 76 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 14 in

JL JT Geometry Brackets

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 8 in


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